Campaign Premise:

One of the premises of the campaign is that you’re in this stunted town on the outskirts of civilization. The forces out to destroy it have resulted in a few town game traits: superstitious, insular and hunted. Hunted is the one that really holds them back, while the other two traits have some positives with their negatives.

By adventuring and liberating the town from these threats, the hope would be that the town would open up. It would no longer be hunted at the very least. Superstitions would subside when the role of Magic has a positive influence.

In concrete terms, it means trade would improve, the gp limit of the town would go up, magic items would be more plentiful to buy and sell, the town would grow in size, and that there would be opportunities for PCs to play a role in that growth.

Tara, Fishing Town of the Yan-Ki
**LN large town
Corruption +0; Crime -5; Economy -1; Law +2; Lore +2; Society +0
Qualities Superstitious, Insular, Hunted
Danger +15

Government Autocracy. Tanistry. King for life elected by family heads
Population 3,500 (3,200 humans; 100 dwarves; 100 halflings; 50 elves; 50 other)
Notable NPCs
King Maedoc Nuallan
Curate of Lugh Genovefa Fedlimid

Mad Luducus
Faelin, Hound of Arawn
Zacharias Blackthorn

Base Value 2,350 gp (75% chance of finding a magic item of this value, each week)
Purchase Limit 11,750 gp (the most money a shop can spend to buy an item)
Spellcasting 3rd (the highest level NPC spellcaster for hire)

Fate of Tara